Now That’s A Wrap! Acti-Sea Body Mud Wraps

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Spa, spa body wraps, day spas, acti-sea body mud wrapThis holiday season while thinking about special gifts for friends, why not send one of your besties to a day spa for an Acti-Sea Body Mud Wrap? If they never experienced a spa this will be a treat.  Day spas are a very relaxing and invigorating experience. They will really know you care about them. The usual gift may be a facial or massage therapy. So wrap up your bestie in a body mud wrap this Christmas.


All it takes is just one treatment, and the Acti-Sea Body Mud Wrap will stimulate, firm and moisturize your body. The Acti-Sea Body Mud Wrap uses five different varieties of algae harvested off the Brittany Coast. This is a special mud which is warmed first and then applied to the body. It nourishes and detoxifies the body. You will soon notice your skin tone and skin color will improve and look revitalized. The mud helps with decongestion and water elimination. The elimination of water improves your skins appearance and smoothness. 


You will enjoy a relaxing scalp and face massage while the mud is on your body; all this special treatment during your Acti-Sea Body Mud Wrap. Warm mud is smoothed onto your skin and wrapped to seal in heat. Nourishing minerals in the mud penetrate your skin, hydrating and revitalizing to improve skin s texture. Moisture is sealed in, leaving your skin luxuriously supple and firm. Once you’ve experienced the whole treatment, the mud is then removed, and the last step is an application of a luxurious lotion leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft.


A detoxifying Acti-Sea Mud Wrap will not only soften your skin but promote a feeling of overall wellness, helping you to feel good about your mind, body and soul. So if you or your bestie leads a daily life of stress, treat yourself and your friend to an Acti-Sea Mud Wrap to detox your body and soften your skin naturally, while you relax and de-stress.