The Eye’s Have It!

22 Dec Posted by in Blog, Skincare, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on The Eye’s Have It!

Massage therapy, massage, stress relief, relaxation, day spa, de-stress eye treatmentDon’t you wish it was easy to de-stress your whole body?  Life has us running all the time and it’s almost impossible not to get stressed out over something at least a couple times a week, am I right? Everyone has to find their own release. For some people its bike riding, walking, shopping, and even massage therapy for some much needed stress relief and relaxation. Have you ever thought of trying de-stress eye treatment?


When we are stressed it’s a common reflex to rub your face and especially the eyes. De-stress eye treatments help relieve puffy eyes. Have you ever noticed some people have dark circles under their eyes? This happens because blood flow increases near tired eyes. The skin around the eye area is very delicate and blood vessels can easily be seen. There is a spa treatment for this that may help. Ask your spa technician about a collagen de-stress eye treatment to stop your under eye dark circles. Collagen will help keep your eyes looking younger. Puffy eyes would do well with a treatment mask made with Ginkgo biloba. The Ginkgo biloba eye treatment will help firm the skin around the eyes and lift them. 


De-stress eye treatments can reduce or prevent wrinkles. Emollients are wonderful for keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated and firm. Spas will use herbs and natural substances like cucumber slices on your eyelids to reduce the fluids that collect in skin tissue.  Warm towels soaked in eucalyptus rejuvenate tired eyes. Eye masks made from algae, herbs and mud are very helpful in stopping crow’s feet and fine lines.


Rejuvenate your tired eyes by visiting a spa or beauty salon. It’s important to take care of your eyes and protect them from the elements and stress related issues. It’s no surprise that most people spend many hours looking at a computer screen. This causes strain to eye muscles, building fluids and swelling. Take time to rest your eyes to avoid eye strain, droopy eyelids, puffy eyes and bags under your eyes. All of which ages your appearance, and we certainly don’t want that to happen.