Create a Personal Wellness Journal

19 Dec Posted by in Blog, Skincare | Comments Off on Create a Personal Wellness Journal

Skin care, daily skin care regimen, facial, healthy skin, spa treatment, healthy eating, massage, massage therapy, total wellness, wellness journalHow many of us say we have to write something down before we forget? I do it all the time! Maybe it’s my middle age brain fog but it’s still a good practice.  Keeping a personal wellness journal for your skin care regimen, healthy eating and total wellness is a good habit to get into. We lead such busy lifestyles that it’s very easy to neglect our total wellness. If you are not good at writing a journal, then journalize your calendar by noting seasonal facial appointments and massage therapy. Scheduling these appointments is a great way to stay true to healthy living.


Journal writing can make you healthier. By keeping a reflective journal, you can measure the positive effects on your health and well being. Did you know that there is now scientific evidence that journal writing may be beneficial to your health? Studies have been done suggesting that emotional or expressive writing can reduce high blood pressure, enhance the immune system, promote wound healing, and even help people quit smoking. 


Some people even use their blogging as a form of therapy to discuss issues relating to anything and everything.  For some it’s even a form of healing. Blogging for your health is just another way of journalizing your thoughts, feelings, questions and information to drum up a conversation with feedback from readers. Many find this very therapeutic.  So if you don’t want to write a journal, start a blog. There a millions of health blogs on every topic. I belong to a few support groups for illnesses. Talking about your health with others is a great way to share and learn about new products and treatments that can help whatever ails you. Writing for an online audience is a great way to journalize your thoughts, reduce your stress level, and help heal you both mentally and physically.