Prepare Yourself!

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Massage therapy, massage, massage therapist, relaxation.Well the first thing you want to do to prepare for your massage is to just relax. Some people are a little apprehensive the first time they get a massage.  That pretty much defeats the purpose of relaxation.  Massage therapy is what most people go for to get some relaxation in their busy lives. No need to feel tense before your massage. Let your massage therapist do her/his magic and just run with it. Your muscles will unwind as well as your mind.


The more relaxed you are before your massage, the deeper the relaxation you’ll experience at your massage. If you’re being treated for an injury, less time and energy will be spent getting to the problem and more time and energy will be spent treating the problem. 


Many people come to get a massage and they are unsure what to expect.  Even though massage is very popular, there are still so many people who have not experienced having one.  So these folks might need a little help preparing for their massage.


There are many things you can do before, during and after your massage. Here are just a few suggestions to maximize the benefits or your massage.


Massage Preparation


Prepare your body by taking a bath or shower – bathing prior to massage will warm your muscles up, making them more relaxed. Don’t wear make-up, body lotions or perfume.


Pick out some relaxing music and bring it with you to listen with your IPod.  The spa also offers a music selection, but you may feel more comfortable bringing your own to enjoy.


Don’t eat too much – Don’t starve yourself either, but you might feel uncomfortable during your massage if you have eaten too much before you get here. You can’t relax if you have indigestion.


Most of all – just prepare yourself to relax and feel amazing!