Don’t Forget The Guys!

10 Dec Posted by in Blog, Massage, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Don’t Forget The Guys!

Pedicure, spa treatment, day spa, manicure, massage, gift certificateHave you ever thought of giving a spa gift certificate to a guy? Why not? Maybe you have already.  You would be surprised at how many guys would jump at the chance to have a spa treatment but would never think of getting one themselves.  This makes it easy for gift giving for you and them.  A massage spa treatment gift certificate is a great gift for birthdays and Christmas. I’m sure he will never forget your generous gift.


Since its Christmastime, why not make it a couple’s gift.  How about spending the day with your boyfriend or hubby at a day spa and get the works done? You both will be so relaxed and prettied up for your New Years Eve party.  Remember, when you look beautiful you feel beautiful. That goes for guys too. This holiday season make it a double and go with your man to a day spa and try something new together. 


Did you know that men like to get manicures too?  Some might be shy about it and might not admit it, but they do like to look good for the ladies and hygiene is a big part of it.  Cuticle treatments, trim, file and buff, and then a clear coat of polish (preference) is usually the norm for men. Men enjoy getting pampered too.  If you want a special man in your life to experience something new, why not give him a gift certificate for a pedicure? Try it!


You can’t go wrong with giving a massage gift certificate to your male friends. Men love a great massage. Make it special by offering an exfoliating facial along with the massage.  Give him the option of choosing which type of massage he would like to have. Maybe even include the spa brochure menu with the gift certificate. Who knows, he may get hooked and make it a ritual. Either way, it’s all good and a treat he won’t soon forget.