How to Choose Between Waxing and Sugaring

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Spa treatment, day spa, hair removal, waxing hair removal, sugaring hair removalEveryone is different when it comes to spa treatments. Some of you have skin sensitivity or a low tolerance to pain. Whatever your preference is, there are many ways to accommodate your needs and still have a pleasant spa treatment. It’s important to discuss your needs and concerns about waxing and sugaring with your spa technician to make the right choice for you.


If I had to choose between waxing or sugaring, I’d choose sugaring hands down.  I once had my eyebrows waxed in a nail salon and after that decided I would rather tweeze my eyebrows. Waxing is just not for me.  Millions of people go to a day spa for waxing hair removal and it’s not a big deal. My skin was a little sensitive to the wax so I made the right decision for me. 


Waxing and sugaring are both in the same category of hair removal because they are similar in the way they get rid of unwanted hair. They rip it out from the root.  But there is one big difference in the “pain” factor.  Waxing hurts no matter what they say. Sugaring hair removal is a sweet alternative to waxing.


Sugaring is made from all natural food-grade ingredients – sugar, lemon juice, water and essential oils. Most waxes are made from resins and contain artificial fragrances, dyes, chemicals and preservatives. Even though it’s possible to be allergic to any given ingredient, whether natural or artificial, it’s more common to be allergic to the artificial ingredients found in waxes. An allergic reaction can make skin red, irritated and rash. Not fun at all.


Waxing vs. Sugaring

Sugar paste washes off with just plain water. Wax must be removed with a special wax remover, baby oil or petroleum jelly. Sugaring only takes away dead skin cells, where as waxing will remove dead and live skin cells. Sugar is never hot. Sugar paste is used lukewarm so you won’t burn. Wax is applied warm, but sometimes overheats causing skin burn followed by scabbing. Wax gets applied on the direction of the hair growth, and then removed against the grain of hair growth. OUCH!! The sugaring technique uses the paste to remove hair in the same direction the hair grows, putting less stress and strain on the skin which is more bearable.