Like Mother, Like Daughter

21 Nov Posted by in Blog, Massage, Skincare | Comments Off on Like Mother, Like Daughter

Skin care, daily skin care regimen, facial, healthy skin, spa treatment, healthy eating, massage, massage therapyThe best way to teach children good habits is by setting a good example yourself. Children are very sharp and observant. Don’t kid yourself, they watch your every move and listen to the way you speak. It’s easy for your kids to be a reflection of you. You are the example they follow. If you want your child to take care of themselves in every way from hygiene and skin care to healthy eating and exercise, then you need to set the example and show them the benefits of living a healthy life.


Most little girls have memories of playing with mom’s makeup. Heck, my sister even wrote on the walls with mom’s lipstick. I had fun trying on her skin care lotions on the dressing table. She always did smell pretty. Mom always had such soft milky skin. We played on the floor in her closet wrapping her outfits and accessories around us and trying on her shoes. It was so much fun trying to look like mommy. Children are very impressionable. 


One of my fondest memories was a mother/daughter day my sister and I had with our mom at a day spa.  We treated ourselves to a complete spa treatment, including a facial and some massage therapy.  I guess you can say we were still making more memories with mom. We will always look back and remember her with fondness and fun memories.


Healthy eating is also learned at home. A healthy body needs to eat healthy food. Kids depend on their parents to provide healthy foods for energy and growth. As a role model, you can make healthy choices for the family. Whether that means choosing a good restaurant or making a grocery list, you can lead with a positive example. Child obesity is a big problem in this country. Parents need to be vigilant in teaching their children about the benefits of healthy eating.


Children are our shadows. Have you ever heard the expression “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?”  That’s because our kids emulate us. They are our little carbon copies.  Teach them well, and set a good health example that they can follow and live healthy.