Great Colors for winter

19 Nov Posted by in Blog, Manicure, Nail Care, Pedicure | Comments Off on Great Colors for winter

Manicure, pedicure, nail polish, nail polish colorsThe holidays come to mind when we think of winter time. Silver and gold, red and green abound as the colors of the holiday season. So with these festivities we also like to dress up for Christmas and New Years. Nail polish colors are an important part of our holiday attire. It’s a fun time to get a fancy manicure or pedicure with holiday flare.


Red nail color tones are always popular in the winter months. For some, that’s as festive as it gets. Others will go all out with decorative nail art and fancy glitter tones mixed and matched. But, there are still some people who desire a neutral color manicure and pedicure. French manicures are very pretty and popular for every season, not just the winter. 


Navy nails have been very popular on red carpet awards shows of late. The Hollywood version of navy is more glamorous with metallic added.  A beautiful metallic navy is also very pretty for winter. Navy is dramatic and goes well with most fall color outfits. And if you are not so much into navy, there are other glistening blues with shimmering flecks of glitter that are just as pretty.


There are so many shades of reds, wines and berries. All red shades of nail polish are really perfect for the fall and winter months. With so many variations of shades it’s hard to get bored or sick of red. You simply cannot go wrong with classic red in winter. Plus red just makes a manicure look rich and ready to party, putting your fingertips in the spotlight!


Nail polish colors for winter are more subdued and moody. That pretty much sums up how we feel in the winter time anyway when the holidays are over. All the more reason to jazz up your nail polish colors to lift you up and out of the winter blues. Why not be daring and add some metallic’s and jewel tones this winter?