Wax On, Wax Off

16 Nov Posted by in Blog, Skincare, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Wax On, Wax Off

Waxing, spa treatment, skin careOuch! Ouch! Yikes!! Take a deep breath and sigh (possibly a few other choice words but I’ll let it go at that). That’s the initial response from first time waxing as seen on TV’s Sex and the City ladies and the girls from Friends. Well it’s not far from the truth if you’ve ever experienced waxing.  The things we gals will go through to look beautiful. But, you really have to admit how nice and clean you feel with soft smooth skin afterwards. Waxing is one of the most asked for spa treatment services. The fact remains – waxing is still not for everybody.


What should you expect after your first bikini wax? You can expect to be hair free in your bikini area for weeks at a time. Many men and women have this type of waxing done. It’s a very common service request and most are nervous the first time. Every spa has their own process which they will explain and go over guidelines. After the procedure, the technician may have to do some additional maintenance on stubborn hairs and remove excess wax from skin. Waxing can cause ingrown hairs and bumps are common in the bikini area. Spas have wonderful products for dealing with these issues. Your skin will thank you. 


Facial hair on women is unsightly and can even make your face look dirty in some cases. In any event facial hair can’t be helped but we still can get rid of it. Some women prefer waxing, while others will bleach the hair or use hair removal creams. Facial waxing spa treatment process keeps hair from growing back quickly and when it does grow back, it will be fine and thin in comparison to what it once was. That’s not the case with hair removal creams, which can show more hair growth for some. The unfortunate thing about facial waxing is you have to let the hair grow back in to a certain extent before you can wax it again in order to grab the hair with the wax.


We’ve only touched on bikini and facial waxing today, but there are many other waxing spa treatments to try. Treat yourself to a spa wax treatment. Chances are once you’ve had one done you will be hooked.