Sleep Better – Feel Better

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Massage, massage therapy, healthy living, sleep habitsOur culture today is running on busy schedules. Between our work, kids, caring for senior parents and other activities, we all seem to be getting less and less sleep.  Sleep has become a luxury when in fact it is really a very important necessity for bodily function and overall healthy living.


Irritability, fatigue and problems with concentration all can be attributed to lack of sleep. There are consequences from sleep deprivation. Disordered sleep can affect the way insulin works in the body and can further affect body weight. Poor sleep habits is a serious issue affecting almost everybody.   


Massage therapy can help with sleep disorders. There are many benefits from message therapy.  Sports clinics and rehabilitation centers use it to loosen and soothe sore, aching muscles. Massage reduces stress, releases tension, improves circulation and lowers heart rate and blood pressure. The immune system is also possibly strengthened with massage therapy. The relaxing effects of massage make it helpful in aiding and restoring restful sleep. Massage may be especially beneficial in treating sleeping problems that stem from stress, migraine headache, pain, and muscle and joint stiffness.


Getting a regular massage will help to increase relaxation which can help to calm anxiety and improve problems sleeping. The brain boosts the production of endorphins, chemicals that regulate the activity of a group of nerve cells in the brain that relax muscles, dull pain, and reduce panic and anxiety. Massage therapy may also trigger serotonin, a brain chemical that generates calm and serene feelings. With all the benefits of massage therapy reported from those who have tried it, it makes sense to give it a try for a peaceful sleep.


Some people feel that getting a massage is a luxury. But there have been so many reports that say it is beneficial to healthy living. Something that feels good is not necessarily just a luxury.  It’s more important to take care of your health and get proper sleep. You’re not any good to yourself or others if you don’t take care of you first.