Retire Old Bad Habits – Stress Less

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reduce stressWe live in a fast-paced world, with a lot of pressure being put on our bodies and minds every day. We often turn to quick fixes for our problems, which can result in added stress and the formation of bad habits. Massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress and heal the body in a natural way. The advantages of adding regular massages to your routine are numerous.

1. Reduce medication dependence

Massage therapy helps alleviate muscle pain that would otherwise be covered up by narcotics and other medications, which can become addicting if taken on a regular basis.

2. Improve the body’s immunity

Massage stimulates lymph flow which results in the enhancement of the body’s immune system. This allows the body to fight off viruses and other illnesses more quickly, thus reducing the need for antibiotics and time taken off from work.

3. Alleviate stress and depression

Rejuvenating the body through massage has been proven to decrease anxiety, improve energy, reduce fatigue, and provide a better night’s sleep. This often results in eliminating the need for anti-depressant medication and sleeping pills.

4. Prevent long-term health problems

Stress can lead to high blood pressure and heart ailments. Reducing stress through massage therapy can lower blood pressure and help prevent future heart attacks and other potentially terminal illnesses.

5. Maintain a healthy weight

While massage alone won’t make you lose weight, it can decrease cellulite, reduce puffiness from excess fluid, reduce stress that leads to overeating, and boost the metabolism.

6. Quit bad habits like smoking and drinking

Massage reduces the stress that often leads to bad habits like smoking and drinking. It can also help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with quitting, such as headaches and nervousness