Increase Your Circulation

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SONY DSCCirculation issues can cause discomfort and serious health concerns. Poor circulation causes cold hands and feet, muscle aches, sexual dysfunction, and fatigue, even at nonclinical levels. While drug therapies can help with these issues, the side-effects are often seriously unpleasant or even dangerous. Thankfully, a natural alternative exists to alleviate poor circulation: massage therapy.

How Can Massage Help?

Massage stimulates blood flow. The increasing circulation relieves many of the uncomfortable results originally caused by reduced or poor circulation. Essentially, massage treats the problem, not just the symptoms of circulatory issues. Massage is not purely palliative, although one of its main benefits is a decrease in discomfort, including those only tangentially related to the circulation problems, like muscle stiffness and clenching due to stress.

How Does Massage Therapy Work?

Massage influence the circulatory and lymphatic systems to improve their functionality and help to clear waste and circulate blood more efficiently. The lymphatic system, including the lymph nodes, work to filter waste from the body and clear toxins from blood and tissue. The lymph nodes are important components of the body that work in tandem with the circulatory system for overall good health. Massage therapy uses proven techniques, including deep tissue and Swedish massage, to assist these areas, lymphatic and circulatory, in performing their jobs well.

What are the Results Like?

Most people feel better immediately. Their hands and feet are warmer. Their sore muscles feel looser. They experience a sense of rejuvenation and relaxation that may help with other circulatory issues and works to establish a sense of well-being and health. With regular therapy sessions, subjective improvement of poor circulation is often superior to that of many traditional medical therapies, but without the side-effects or risks associated with using drugs to treat circulatory issues.

Overall, massage is a great way to increase circulation, especially when it results in physical discomfort. Massage therapy not only provides treatment, but also relief from the discomfort associated with circulation issues.