Wrap It Up!

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mud wrapSpas can easily be described as a tiny piece of Heaven. With people there to pay special attention to every nook and cranny of the body, one can leave a spa feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Many spas offer monthly memberships because the benefits are enough to keep people wanting more. Some of the many popular services spas offer include the spa body wrap and spay body polish. It is not uncommon for the spa body polish to be followed by an intense spa body wrap. They often go together.

A spa body polish treatment involves a really good exfoliating session. A masseuse will usually combine different aromatic oils with a salt scrub. This mix is then rubbed all over the body to slough off any dead skin. This process not only helps to open the pores, but it does a great job of cleansing any dirt and excess oil off of the skin. While spa body polish treatments are normally coupled with spa body wraps, they can also be completed alone for a relaxing treatment and cleansed skin. This treatment is also great to prepare the body for the next process of detoxification.

Spa body wraps are really great for detoxifying and deep cleansing of the skin. After the polish treatment is rinsed off and completed, the entire body is then covered in either creams, mud, clay, or a mix of lotions. This mix is usually very thick. Once the body is coated, it is then wrapped using a myriad of materials. Some spas use towels or sheets to wrap the body. Other spas use mylar or plastic wrap. The body stays wrapped for about 20 minutes. This process keeps the body warm and creates an environment for the detoxification to begin.

These processes are much better when administered by a professional at a spa. The benefits of skin health, relaxation and rejuvenation are enough to make it a priority.