Keeping Skin Smooth

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Fight AgingMany of us put a lot of time into skin care, but tend to focus on our face at the expense of our hands. Hands are expressive and beautiful, and say as much about us as our other features. By neglecting your hands, you may be sending a message you don’t want to send. What do your hands say about you?


Cleaning, gardening, and office work all take a toll on skin. Without regular care, your cuticles may become dry and cracked, or may even start peeling. Rough cuticles are a bit of an eyesore, so get into the habit of regularly using cuticle oil before bed. Even better, keep a bottle of oil where you might need it most – by the sink, on your desk, or by the door.


Chipped polish and uneven nails look untidy. Even if the rest of your outfit is impeccable, unkempt nails can make you seem sloppy. Though some see it as a luxury, getting regular manicures does wonders for your overall appearance. To save money, consider a salon that offers bulk packages for pedicures, as well.


Why spend hundreds of dollars on anti-aging creams, only to let your hands betray your real age? We often forget to put sunscreen or lotion on our hands, which means they are the first place for rough skin and sun spots to show up. If you already see damage, consider heading over to a day spa; good estheticians can mix up a “facial” for your hands, and can help you achieve softer, smoother skin.

You already care for your face. Step up your game, and take a good look at your hands. With regular pampering and care, you’ll find that they’ll not only look good, but will also feel amazing.