Fall Skin Care – 5 Top Tips

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fall skin careEvery year it happens; summer ends and cooler weather makes a return. As you prepare your closet for the colder weather, remember to prepare your skin care regimen as well. Appropriate skin care can mean healthier moisturized skin or dry cracking skin.

Below are five skin care tips for the fall season to ensure you have gorgeous skin regardless of the season.

Reevaluate Your Body Cleanser

Everyone loves those fruity summer shower gels but make certain that these sweet smelling washes aren’t going to dry out your skin. A soap-free shower wash will not dry the skin and will help in hydrating. Creamy body wash tends to work the best in fall and winter seasons.

Moisturize Every Day

In order to keep dry skin away, your skin needs to be hydrated on a daily basis. All lotions should be applied directly after a shower, as this will help to trap the moisture that was absorbed by the shower or bath.


Just because the summer is over, does not mean you do not have to worry about sunscreen. Not only is sunscreen an added layer of moisturizer for dry skin, it will protect you from harmful rays all year long.


It’s important to clean away dry and dead skin cells you have accumulated throughout the summer. An exfoliating facial will bring forth new skin cells and prevent over-drying to your skin.

Hand Moisturizers

Our hands need added moisturizer in a cooler season such as fall. We wash dishes, clean the house and use our hands for everything we do. Extra moisturizer will prevent cracking and dry skin in the cooler season.

Following a few easy tips will ensure that your skin looks healthy and gorgeous all year long. Preparing your skin for every season is important and can prevent wrinkles as well as painful dry cracks on your skin. A healthy skin care routine is easy to accomplish and provides many benefits to last a lifetime.