Here Comes The Bridal Party

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Masseur doing massage on woman back in spa salonMore and more women are choosing to have a spa party before their big day. Spa parties not only allow the brides-to-be to get pampered, but they also allow her to spend time with her close friends before her big day. If you are planning a bridal party spa day, then there are several things that you will need to do to make it a success. Below are some tips for planning a bridal party spa day:


Decide On The Day

You should start planning the bridal party spa day at least one month in advance. The best time to have a spa day is the weekend because most people are available during this time. After you have decided on the date, you should send out the invitations. Mail out the invitations at least two weeks in advance.


Group Activities

You should have plenty of group activities at the party in order to keep everyone entertained. Manicures, pedicures and facials are examples of some of the activities that you should have at the spa party. You may also want to serve a light lunch or dinner at the spa party.


Gifts For The Bride

It is the bride’s party, so everyone should make her feel special. Encourage all of the party guests to give the bride at least one gift. Encourage the guests to bring a beauty gift, such as a hair product, pampering cream, hair dryer or bath robe.


Give Out Bridal Shower Party Favors

You may want to give everyone who attended the shower a party favor. Bath salts, candles, aromatherapy oils and homemade masks are examples of some of the things that make great party favors for a spa party. They should be packaged nicely and have a personalized ribbon.