The Benefits of Neck and Shoulder Massage

20 Aug Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on The Benefits of Neck and Shoulder Massage

swedish relaxation massageToday, working at a computer for the majority of the day is common for many occupations. But this line of work comes with some occupational hazards, one of which is muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. Research shows that working and typing at a computer causes the neck and shoulders to tighten and raise up. This can cause an array of back and neck problems as well as headaches and general stress.

There are several ways to combat this stress on the muscles, but most experts agree that getting regular neck and shoulder massage is the most agreeable fix. Shoulder and neck massage releases tension in the area and allows muscles to relax. These areas are holding up your head throughout the day, the heaviest part of your body. Prolonged periods of tension while you type, click and hunch over your desk causes the areas to get over-worked.

The complete list of shoulder and neck massage benefits is long. Not only does the pain cease when you start getting massages, you will also notice that your entire range of motion will be increased in these areas. If you notice that stretching your upper arms, shoulders and neck is difficult, you have tension there that needs to be released. A quality massage will provide you with much-needed relaxation and can also stimulate the blood flow in these areas. This will, in turn, aid the lymphatic system’s functions.

You can easily find professionals who are licensed in massage therapy to perform massages on you at regular intervals. This will break up the tension and give you relief from unwanted headaches, shoulder and neck pain and general physical stress. If you work at a computer all day or simply feel extra tension in your shoulders and neck, get reenergized, relaxed and recharged with a massage.