Fall 2014 Nail Polish Trends

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fall nail colorIf variety is the spice of life, you can compare the Fall 2014 nail polish trends to a Moroccan souk. The manicure trends for the upcoming season run the gamut from sheer, ladylike nudes to space age gunmetal talons. Here is a rundown of each fall trend and where you should show it off:



Nude polishes are ladylike and understated, and they were all over the runways. Some polishes are transparent, making you have to have to look twice to see if the nail is really painted at all. Other versions of this trend appear more opaque, even venturing into white.

Where to Wear It: This is a great look for everything from playing tennis or giving a presentation to a board. People might not notice your nails, but they will hear what you have to say.



Oxblood or burgundy nail polish lends a big-city vibe to your manicure. Darker and deeper than traditional cherry red, this fall trend is broody and works great with fall’s grey, navy, and, of course, black clothes.

Where to Wear It: Oxblood is the color to wear to an art exhibit or film festival.



The shiny metallic nail trend for this fall is a way to get your nails noticed, so only go this direction if you are prepared for that kind of attention.

Where to Wear It: Whether you wear this trend in typical ovals or daring claws, this is not something you are going to want to rock in the board room or court room. Wear a shocking, shiny gunmetal manicure to the party of the season.
Try whichever fall trend speaks to you, or, better yet, go for them all. You have all season, after all.