Geriatric Massage Therapy: Keeping Up with Your Age

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Elderly coupleTouch is an integral part of a person’s life, and the benefits alone are endless. This is especially true for the elderly. In addition to relaxation and stress relief, geriatric massage can help improve memory, circulation, and the overall mental and physical health of the elderly.

What is Geriatric Massage?

Geriatric massage uses a holistic approach in the treatment of older patients. Because older patients can often feel isolated and alone, touching through geriatric massage is critical to the aging process. By concentrating on healing the entire body and not just one particular condition, a person could improve the appearance of their skin, alleviate depression, boost their immune system and reduce pain.

Important Characteristics Used in Massage Therapy

A massage therapist skilled in geriatric massage will have undergone specific training and certification first. Since an elder patient’s body is more delicate and fragile, massage oils and soft varying techniques will need to be used. Gentle hand motions and stretching exercises can improve flexibility, relieve stiffness associated with age and soothe the body. While it shouldn’t be a replacement for medical treatment or exercise, geriatric massage can have a profound effect on the human body.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Massage

In order to gain the most benefits out of your geriatric massage, you want to adhere to a proper time schedule. A half-hour massage a couple of times a week can do more good than overloading the body all at once. The massage therapist should also be an excellent listener and attentive to your needs. If at any time you experience pain or discomfort, you need to let them know.

Whether you have specific health conditions or you wake up stiff and sore, geriatric massage can hold some powerful and positive healing benefits.