The First Facial Spa Treatment and What to Expect

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facialIf you’ve never had a facial before, the first visit can be a bit intimidating. It’s tough to know what to expect and the fear might keep you from visiting a spa or getting a treatment. Don’t let the procedure scare you. It’s a time to pamper your skin and let a professional make your skin glow.

Many people don’t get a facial because they assume it will hurt. Some facial treatments do sting or burn, but that’s often from the type of procedure like chemical peels. A novice to facials should start with the virtually pain-free procedures.

Before the Visit

While you don’t need to wash your face or do anything special before your spa treatment, you shouldn’t wear heavy makeup including waterproof mascara or eyeliner. It creates more work for the esthetician who has to remove all of the makeup before getting to your skin.


The skin care specialist will discuss your daily routine with you along with the problem areas that have given you grief in the past. She’ll also ask you about the types of cleansers and moisturizers you’re using. It’s important to tell her if you’re using acne medications, which contain chemicals that could cause a reaction with her current products. She’ll adjust the cleansers and other products based on your answers.


She’ll gently cleanse your skin with a gentle but firm pressure using a cleanser. The cleanser will be removed using cotton balls or cotton pads with warm water and a toner will be applied to bring the skin’s pH back to normal. The cleansing will remove any dirt and oil in the skin and present a blank canvas for the specialist to assess.


At this point, she’ll cover your eyes and use a lighted magnifier to see deeper into pores and do extractions of blackheads or whiteheads. It might be a bit painful, but shouldn’t be excruciating. Let her know if it becomes too painful.


The type of exfoliant will depend on the problem areas and current routine. It could be a cream that is rubbed on and immediately removed, or it could be a cream that is left on for several minutes. Steam might be applied before this step to open pores.


After the exfoliant, a moisturizer based on your skin is applied. A toner might be applied to close the pores too. This is an essential step in the process. Most skin doesn’t get enough moisturizer.
This is a basic spa treatment facial. If you want more products or added treatments, you can discuss it with your specialist, or get her recommendations on what to do on your next visit. After experiencing a great facial, you’ll definitely be back for another.