Truths and Myths About Waxing

18 Jul Posted by in Blog, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Truths and Myths About Waxing

waxingIf you have ever seen the 40 year old virgin, you have probably told yourself that waxing is just not for you. Most people really believe that it hurts that much to get a wax done. In fact, it probably does not help at all either when you walk into a spa treatment facility to obtain a wax and the person performing the task is Asian!

The truth is that waxing in the moving was not done the correct way. It was actually done that way to create an effect that was comical. The first time you obtain a wax, of course, it is not going to be the most comfortable thing that you have ever done. However, it does greatly depend on several factors.

It will depend on how often you get waxed, how much hair is removed and the area in which you obtain the wax. Most skin care professionals will tell you that taking Ibprofen at least an hour before can really help ease alot of the pain. Also, if you get waxed on the regular, it becomes easier and easier for you to relax.

Many people believe that waxing should only be done in the shower. This is a myth. Dry exfoliating is much better, because you are able to rejuvenate your skin that way. A soft bristle brush is the best way to remove all of those dead cells and therefore renew your skin.

Many people believe that it is okay to use a tanning bed after they have had a wax done. This is another myth, because your skin is actually more sensitive to heat after a wax. It is important to avoid tanning beds for at least two days and any other activities that involve you being around excessive heat for a long time.