Performing an Acne Fighting Facial at Home

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Summer Spa TreatmentsIf you suffer from acne, you are probably fairly self-conscious about your appearance and the acne itself on your face. This is normal and caused in part by your hormones and other factors. It is possible to rid your face from acne and keep it away with proper and preventative skincare treatments.

An acne fighting facial is one way that you can keep acne off of your face and the best part about it is, it can be performed at home.

What is an Acne Facial?

An acne facial is a facial that is specifically designed to deal with acne problems. The facial is made from components that help promote cleansing of the skin through a gentle means. Your skin will be exfoliated and calmed.

One of the best things about an acne facial is that it can help reduce any type of scarring you may have from the acne as well.

How to Perform an Acne Facial at Home

1. You always want to begin by washing your face. This process should be done with care and you should choose a cleanser that is mild and does not irritate your face. Make sure to use short, circular motions and cover your entire face and part of your neck as you wash.

2. After cleansing your face, continue to exfoliate your face with a gentle exfoliator. This will help remove any dead skin cells and loosen and remove dirt found in your pores.

3. After you cleanse and exfoliate, it is now time to steam your face. You can do this any way that is comfortable for you.

Some people choose to use a warm washcloth while others prefer leaning over a steaming hot sink.

4. Now it is time to place the facial mask on. You should choose a mask that is gentle for your skin and designed for your specific skin tone. You can also choose to use oatmeal mixed with honey to help calm irritation and fight both acne and acne scars.

Once the facial mask is applied, allow it to sit for 30 minutes and then rinse it off gently. Pat dry.

Get a Facial Today

You can choose to perform an acne fighting facial at home by yourself or you can visit your local skin care specialist at a spa. Your esthetician will be able to recommend products, do a skin analysis, and perform the facial for you.

Performing facials on a regular basis will help you keep your skin fresh and clear. You will not only see clearer skin, but you will also enjoy soft and hydrated skin as well.