Too Embarrassed to Ask? Most Common Questions Answered Here

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massage circulationIf you have never been to a massage facility before, you probably have some questions that you are afraid to ask. These questions are the same ones that everyone has when they first arrive at the facility and before their massage begins.

Below you will find some of the most common questions answered to help provide you with an idea of what you can expect and now, you do not have to even be afraid to ask as you will already know.

Question 1: Do I need to be fully nude?

This is one question that many individuals do not like asking because they feel uncomfortable about it. Many clients do keep their underwear on and will just remain topless underneath the sheet. Some individuals have no problem being nude.

The choice is up to you and you should choose to do what you feel most comfortable doing. If you are experiencing lower back problems or problems with your hips, it may be easier for you to remove your underwear to allow for the massage to work better and not have clothing restricting the area.

Question 2: Should I tip?

If you are receiving a massage at your local spa facility or hotel, it is customary to tip your massage therapist. The same rules apply for a massage therapist when it comes to tipping as does when you go to a restaurant.

Question 3: Is the massage therapist in the room when I undress?

The massage therapist will leave the room and give you time to remove your clothes and get comfortable on the table before they come in the room. There will be a sheet prepared for you on the table for you to lie under and cover up with.

You never have to worry about your massage therapist walking in on you either as they always knock before coming in and you can ask for more time, if necessary.

Question 4: I want the massage therapist to focus on a certain area, but I do not want to insult them or make them think they are not doing a good job.

You do not have to worry about this. A massage therapist cannot read your mind and if you are experiencing pain in a certain area and want them to focus there, let them know. It is important for you to enjoy your massage and letting them know where to massage is okay.

Your massage therapist is used to this and will not be upset or offended by it.

This also applies to any areas that you are not comfortable with your massage therapist massaging. You can respectfully ask them to avoid any area that you do not feel comfortable with.

Questions 5: Do I need to talk to my massage therapist during my massage?

No. You do not have to talk to your massage therapist unless you want to. Your massage therapist is used to people coming into their facility and enjoying complete relaxation during a massage without talking. It is perfectly normal and acceptable.

Question 6: Can I ask for a female?

Yes. You are always allowed to ask for a male or female massage therapist depending on your preferences. You can simply let the receptionist know what your preferences are when calling to make an appointment.

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Do not let the above questions scare and worry you anymore. You can enjoy a massage and relax without the fear of asking these questions. A massage is designed to help you feel better and will relieve any pain that you are feeling throughout your body. Take advantage of an opportunity to visit a massage therapist and start feeling better today.