Relief from Sciatica – How a Massage Can Help You

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If you are experiencing a lot of pain, you are probably finding that you are always looking for a way to relieve it. Sciatica can be problematic for those who suffer from it and it is ultimately debilitating for others. Massage is one way to help relieve pain that you may feel in your body and it will help alleviate pain from any sciatica symptoms you experience.

How is Massage Effective for Sciatica?

Massage therapy helps sciatica by reduci
ng the amount of pain you feel. The sciatic nerve is one of the longest nerves throughout your body and when it causes pain, you experience it in many places including your buttocks, back, and hip.

Sciatica relief typically comes on its own and you only have to deal with the problem for a few months, but for others, the pain continues to last.

Massage is effective at relieving pain and when a weekly massage is performed, you will notice a significant difference. Each massage will increase blood flow and circulation to your lower back which provides a relief of tension. The massage will aid the body in repairing itself and allowing the sciatic nerve to receive a break and heal on its own. In addition to relief from pain, massage helps with the following:

  • Immune disorders
  • Stress relief
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Flexibility
  • Range of motion
  • Blood pressure
  • Posture

Get a Massage Today

You may be putting off a massage in fear that it will hurt your back even more. This is not the case and it actually aids in pain relief. The lower back is a sensitive region for many people, especially when they already suffer from back conditions.

You can speak with your doctor and local massage therapist about the massage process and how it can help you. Many individuals have found relief from the pain and have noticed a significant improvement on the pain that radiates to their legs, buttocks, and hips.