Choosing the Right Nail Polish Color: 8 Tips

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pink manicureChoosing the right nail polish color is more than just picking up a bottle of the prettiest shade you can find. There are actual steps you should take to make sure to get the right color for you. Once you have chosen your best nail polish color, your nail technician can apply the color flawlessly to your nails. Consider the below eight tips when choosing your nail polish color.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone is important and some colors flow better with a fair skin tone than others. For example, fair skin looks best with darker colors of polish while darker skin looks better with almost any color choice. You can hold the colors up to your skin and see how they look.

Match Your Makeup

This can be a difficult decision, but if you tend to wear certain color shades of makeup, consider matching your nail polish color to these shades. This will help pull your whole outfit together, but it may also turn out tacky. This is a personal opinion one and you should make sure that if you do choose to match your polish to your makeup, you still pick a color that is perfect for your skin tone.

What You Plan on Wearing

This can be one of the trickiest things to consider, but when you choose your nail polish color, consider your outfit. Choose a color that will complement the outfits you plan on wearing. If you are going to a special event, consider matching the polish to accents from your dress.

Follow Trends

You can choose the best nail polish color for your manicure by following the latest trends. Check out what Hollywood stars are wearing and what colors are in this year for spring, summer, and fall.


You can match your nail polish color to the seasons. During fall, you may want to go with a warm look, but during spring, you may want to stick with a brighter and cheery look. Pastels, dark colors, and holiday themed choices are perfect depending on the season.

Special Event or Occasion

Consider why you need to have your nails polished. If you are doing it for fun, then your options are endless; however, if you are going to a wedding, consider matching the nail polish to a theme at the wedding.

Favorite Color

Always go with your favorite color. If for some reason you love neon pink, but it makes you appear dull then opt-in for a shade of the pink such as coral.

Avoid Bad Color Choices

When you are choosing your nail polish color, you should avoid certain things. Never wear a color that makes you appear to be washed out or your skin fairer than it actually is. You should also stray away from sparkles and other accents if the season or outfit does not call for it.

Head to Your Local Spa Facility Today

Head over to your local spa facility and hand over your favorite nail polish to your manicurist. It is important for you to take pride in your nails and you should always paint your nails with the colors that you want. Nail care is important and choosing the right colors will help you look and feel great.