Massage Therapy Benefits for Fibromyalgia Sufferers

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massageMassage helps the body in many different ways and offers many benefits to individuals who want to experience a relaxing environment and also heal pain and aches they feel on a daily basis. Fibromyalgia sufferers find pain relief from their condition when they get a massage and each massage therapy session improves the condition.

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a common condition that many individuals face. This problem can cause chronic pain in individuals and is considered a musculoskeletal condition. Many individuals experience different symptoms ranging from extremely painful flare ups to being tired and not wanting to carry on daily activities.

Many women tend to have this condition and there is no set age to get the condition although many people are over the age of 25 when the condition first sets in. The condition typically makes your body and muscles feel like they are pulled, overworked, and stressed out. You may experience a burning sensation or twitching.

Benefits of Massage on Fibromyalgia

Massage therapy helps with fibromyalgia in a couple of different ways. The condition helps relax muscles and helps work them out so they do not feel as tense or stuck.

Massage therapy also removes the twitching, spasms, and burning sensation that each individual feels. The massage itself does not hurt and once the massage is over, you will feel instant relief.

Fibromyalgia focused massages also decrease your heart rate and increase blood flow to relieve pain and symptoms associated with the condition. You will be able to get a good night’s rest due to the relaxed state of your body and relief from the condition.

Get a Massage Today

If you are experiencing any symptoms of fibromyalgia, head over to your local spa facility and have a massage performed. Let your therapist know that you suffer from the condition and where your pain is generally located. She will then be able to dedicate time to those areas and provide you with the relief you need.

You can also speak with your health care provider to ensure that a massage is in line with your treatment for the condition.