Summer is Here: Have You Had Your Brazilian Wax?

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bikini waxIf you are looking for a hairless groin and pubic region, a Brazilian wax is right in line with your needs. A Brazilian wax is a type of wax that is performed in a spa facility and all or most of your pubic hair is completely removed. This type of spa treatment is open to both men and women who are looking to have it performed.

How is a Brazilian Wax Performed?

If you are worried about a Brazilian wax hurting, it can. You need to find a technician who is experienced in the area. The more skill the waxer has, the less it is going to hurt.

When you arrive at the spa facility, your technician will explain the process to you and let you know what is going to happen. A layer of warm wax will be applied to your skin. The layer of wax is typically thin and never thick. Your esthetician will never let the wax become too hot so you do not have to worry about burns. The wax is applied to your skin with a stick and flows in the direction that your hair grows.

Once the wax is on the skin, a piece of cloth will be placed on the wax and your esthetician will then pull the hair out. The process is quick as not to keep the pain lingering.

Each piece of hair is pulled out completely by the root. Your pubic and genital region may be sensitive to the waxing. You can choose to have all of the hair removed or certain areas.

Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

One of the many benefits of a Brazilian wax is a smooth and hairless pubic region. Many individuals prefer to have no hair in this region of their body and a wax will leave their skin feeling soft and completely smooth.

In addition to the skin being smooth, you do not have to worry about the hair growing back for a couple of weeks. Unlike shaving, your hair tends to stay away longer and you do not have instant stubble.

Another benefit of the Brazilian wax is that you do not have to pluck each hair. The process is quick and once the hair is removed, it is removed. The process can be painful, but it is much less painful than tweezers.

Head to Your Local Spa Today

If you are interested in a Brazilian wax, head over to your local spa facility today. The spa treatment is growing in popularity and many people love the results they get. You can speak with your esthetician about any concerns that you may have.