Prenatal Massages: Are They Good for You?

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Pregnancy MassagePregnancy can cause unwanted aches and pains on the body as the baby grows and forms inside the womb. Pregnant women often experience muscle spasms, leg cramps, aching backs, and headaches. These symptoms of pregnancy are reduced and relieved through a prenatal massage.

Although you may have never received one, a prenatal massage performed by an experience and licensed massage therapist is 100% safe for both you and baby. Massage therapy targets the specific parts of the body that ache and help alleviate the pain associated with them. It is important to speak with your health care provider before receiving a pregnancy massage to ensure that you are able to.

What is a Prenatal Massage?

A prenatal massage is a form of massage therapy that is performed on pregnant women. The massage can be performed from early pregnancy until late pregnancy. The goal of every pregnancy massage is to reduce the amount of pain felt, increase blood flow, and also relieve the mother from stress and help her relax.

How is the Massage Performed?

A pregnancy massage is performed typically on a special table made for pregnant women. Since it is hard for pregnant moms to lie on their stomach, there is generally a table with special cutouts to provide room for your belly and breasts. If this type of table is not available, the massage is performed with you lying on your side. You can use wedges, pregnancy pillows, and more.

Your massage therapist will make sure not to use too much pressure and she will use long strokes to massage and relax your body. Care of you and your baby will be taken into consideration as well.

Benefits of a Prenatal Massage

There are many benefits to a prenatal massage and these benefits alone are why many women seek to have a massage performed.

The first biggest benefit is relief from pain. Whether you have a headache, back pain, or leg cramps, a massage will help alleviate this pain and prevent it from occurring. This pain can cause you to lose sleep and feel anxious or irritated. A massage will help you feel better overall.

Pregnancy massage also regulates your hormones and helps keep them balanced much better than if you do not have a massage performed. Stress hormones are significantly relieved when a pregnant woman undergoes routine massages.

Massage helps reduce any swelling in the body during pregnancy. Swelling can become a problem in some pregnant women and massage is a great way to relieve the swelling. It is reduced by helping circulate blood everywhere throughout the body and relieves the pressure that pregnancy places on your body and organs.

Get a Prenatal Massage Today

Speak with your health care provider and find out if a pregnancy massage is safe and right for you. Once you have one performed, you will immediately notice the benefits and you will want to keep receiving them.