Massage Therapy Benefits For Patients With Parkinson’s

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parkinsonsdiseaseMassage is a wonderful experience and can heal and help alleviate pain and symptoms associated with different conditions. People tend to seek out massage therapy to help provide them with stress and pain relief that they need. There are benefits to massage that help when it comes to those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease affects your nervous system and specifically affects a part of the brain known as the basal ganglia. Many people who suffer from the disease experience tremors, problems walking, rigidity, and poor balance. Over time, a person’s motor skills will begin to deplete.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Medical professionals and patients have learned to recognize that massage therapy does indeed benefit those who receive. Massage therapy helps to relieve tension present in the muscles and the rigidity that patients may experience. Joints can become stiff and the massage will work these joints and muscles to provide some relief.

Massages also help prevent muscle spasms and reduce how often they occur. Patients who have regularly performed massages experience less tremor activity than those who don’t.

In addition to the relief from tremors and muscles spasms, massage helps patients sleep longer as they are not suffering from the spasms as much. A good night’s rest is important and improves the way someone feels throughout the day.

Massage therapy is also known to help relieve symptoms of depression that someone may be feeling due to their state of mind and condition at the time. Each massage releases endorphins, which will help patients overcome their sad feelings.

Patients also notice an improvement in their digestive problems. Since the nervous system is already on a decline, digestive disorders can exist. Massage is able to stimulate the digestive track and improve the function of the intestines and more.

Talk to Your Therapist

It is important to speak with your massage therapist if you have Parkinson’s disease. They can discuss the benefits and any risks that may be involved, with you. You and your therapist should communicate throughout the massage and let your therapist know when you are uncomfortable and feel any pain. Massage is a great way to feel better and help alleviate pain and symptoms from Parkinson’s disease.