Hand Massage Therapy – Better Health in the Palm of Your Hand

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hand massageThose seeking a manicure will be delighted to receive a hand massage before going home for the day. A hand massage is a type of massage therapy that specifically targets the hands. Hand massages are extremely beneficial to people who spend a great deal of time using their hands while they work. When massage therapists perform this type of massage, reflexology is typically used as well to target key points.

A hand massage following your manicure is beneficial for more reasons than just feeling good. Consider these benefits below.

Relieves Pain

A hand massage helps to relieve pain felt in the hands, especially from arthritis. A regular massage on a routine basis can help relieve any symptoms in your wrists, arms, and hands and will alleviate pain, which will allow you to grip objects. It also decreases the chances of flare-ups with arthritis.

Increased Mobility and Motion

Receiving a hand massage will help loosen any muscles in your hands and wrists that are causing tension. It will also eliminate the amount of scar tissue and adhesions present. The relaxation of these muscles will allow you to rotate your wrist fully and move your hands around freely without being stuck. Injuries from repetitive motions of the hands benefit greatly from hand massages.

Improved Circulation

Massage for your hands will help improve and increase the blood circulation to them. As more blood begins to flow throughout your hand, you will notice an increase in motion and relief from pain. Oxygen is able to get to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which will reduce tension as well.

Softer Skin

Hand massages after manicures are perfect for anyone who is suffering from rough skin. The massage uses lotion and will help smooth and soften the skin on your hands. Your skin will be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Other Benefits

The above benefits are related directly to the hands and the benefits of massaging them, but hand massages have other benefits as well. A hand massage, when performed correctly, will alleviate pain and other conditions including stress, mental strain, back pain, symptoms of the flu, decreased immunity, and addiction cravings.

Get One Today

If you are interested in a hand massage, head over to your local spa facility and have a manicure performed. Not only will your nails look and feel nice, your hands will also benefit. You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.