Healing Touch – Massage Therapy for Seniors

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Day SpaMassage therapy for seniors is beneficial and helps to relieve any pain that someone may be feeling. While traditional massages are extremely popular, geriatric massages are starting to make way up the chain as well. This type of massage is designed for seniors and older males and females.

Massage is a way to relax and also relieve any type of pain that the body is feeling. A massage for seniors is a little bit different than your typical massage and usually includes softer and shorter strokes. Therapists who perform these massages always make sure they never apply too much pressure to the body.

An overworked body can become very painful, especially after years of working and stress that is placed on it. The massage will focus on the shoulders, legs, arms, back, and feet. Seniors can go into any spa facility to have their massage performed and some therapists even go to the seniors’ place of residence.

Benefits of a Massage for Seniors

There are many long-term and short-term benefits of a massage performed on seniors. One of the main and biggest benefits is that the massage will help with inflammation. Inflammation can be painful and cause your joints to become stiff and you may lose mobility in certain areas. The massage will address this and improve blood circulation. This type of massage can be performed as much as once a week to help improve your circulation and reduce inflammation.

Another benefit of massage is the feeling of isolation or loneliness. A senior may feel like they are alone or they do not have an active social life. The massage allows them to connect with someone and as a massage therapist, you can talk to them and form a professional relationship. The massage will also give the senior the confidence and strength to move around and get their body going again.

Massage helps improve the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body and can help seniors who are suffering from arthritis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

A senior massage also helps to reduce any aches or pains that are felt in the body. The massage itself relieves stress, chronic pain, and pain from injuries. The massage can bring the senior’s body and mind in harmony with each other.

Perform a Senior Massage Today

If you want to offer senior massages, consider learning more about the techniques and experience. The massage techniques themselves are similar to a traditional massage but with much less pressure. It is important to be able to differentiate between the pressure amounts as not to hurt the senior. These massages typically last for only 30 minutes but they can last up to an hour as well.

Senior massages are perfect because they help provide relief to the aging body and have more benefits than just pain relief.