Reduce MS Symptoms with Massage

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massageIf you are suffering from multiple sclerosis, you will find that a massage is a great way to relax and also feel better. Massage is great for helping to reduce your MS symptoms although you should still continue your regular MS treatment while receiving massages. Massages are not meant to replace the treatment but to supplement it and benefit you further.

People who suffer from MS have many different symptoms including a loss of balance, blurry vision, weakness in their limbs, numbness, a lack of coordination, fatigue, and an overall clumsy feeling. MS symptoms range from person to person and just because someone has a couple symptoms does not mean the next person will have the exact same ones.

Flare ups generally occur with MS and the patient does not have to be in constant or severe pain. Some patients can go years without the problem bothering them and then it hits them really hard.

Benefits from a Massage

MS sufferers will largely benefit from a massage as it will help alleviate the pain they are feeling. They will find that their muscles relax which allows them to actually rest and relax. They will sleep better at night because they will not be in constant pain and tossing or turning.

Stress relief is another benefit of a massage and being too stressed can cause MS symptoms to flare up or appear worse than they are. Since a massage is relaxing, you will be able to feel free from your stress.

Flexibility and joint movement is increased with a massage as well as circulation of the blood. This helps MS patients to move their limbs around better and their arms or legs may no longer feel as weak to them.

Massages also help to relieve any spasms or paralysis felt in the limbs. Swelling can also be addressed and reduced during a massage.


A massage is overall beneficial for anyone who is suffering from MS and it is generally safe for the patient to receive massage therapy. Massages help relieve the pain felt from MS and will benefit every patient. When working with a patient who suffers from the condition, it is important to speak with them about the massage to find out if there are any constraints or problem areas you should focus on.