What Is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

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massageMany people turn to massages, when they are in pain, for relief. This pain can be caused for a number of different reasons including stress, cramping, knots, and injuries. Massages have been used for many years to help alleviate chronic pain and reduce stress. A hot stone massage is very beneficial to those who have one performed. Many benefits come along with it and make it worth your time to get one done.

A hot stone massage is performed different from a Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. In this treatment, hot stones are placed along the back in key areas to help increase blood flow and reduce tension. The stones are made from river rocks so they are smooth all the way around and will never cut the skin. The rocks are heated to a safe temperature and then placed onto your body.

Your massage therapist will probably use the rocks to help massage your body as well. Since the rocks are hot, they allow your muscles to relax and let the therapist reach farther down into the deeper tissues to provide you with a great massage.

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

There are many benefits to a hot stone massage and one of the best ones is that your muscles will relax and blood circulation is increased from the heat. The increased blood circulation helps your body feel better and also dispose of excess toxins. Some other benefits include:

  • Provides pain relief
  • Helps with arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Increases mobility and flexibility
  • Decreases spasms in the muscles
  • Relieves pain in aching joints and muscles
  • Reduces stress

There are many reasons to get a hot stone massage and you will feel much better once you do. If you are interested in one, ask your local spa facility if they offer them. You will be glad that you went ahead and signed up for one and when you leave the facility, you will feel like a brand new person. Your aches and pains will be relieved and you will be able to move better.