Types of Massages for Utmost Relaxation

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massageRelaxation may just seem like a word to you if you are under a lot of stress. Believe it or not, there are many types of massage that are beneficial for your body and will increase your relaxation. You will not only feel better after receiving the massage, your pain will be minimized, and you will feel relaxed overall.

When you go into your local spa facility, you should talk to your massage therapist about the different types of massages available. This list below will tell you which massages are great for ultimate relaxation.

Trigger Point

A trigger point massage will help you relax and also provides benefits such as releasing areas of muscle that are constricted and causing you pain. Once the treatment is done, you will feel a large reduction in pain. Trigger point massage is performed by placing an isolated amount of pressure on the area that is constricted.

Swedish Relaxation

A Swedish relaxation massage is perfect for relaxing and increasing the flow of blood to your muscles. You will benefit from a deep state of comfort and also a boost in your immune system. This type of massage is performed by using long gliding strokes across your back and body to provide you with comfort.


This type of massage will combine massage with essential oils. The oils will help relieve any stress or anxiety that you have. You will be able to relax and fall into a deep state of comfort while having this massage performed.


A reflexology massage focuses on the foot but it more than just that. This type of massage will allow you to relax and feel relief from aching feet. Your therapist will place pressure on certain points inside your foot that correspond to different systems and organs within your body.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage will increase the blood flow in your body and the heat from the stones will help erase any stress or pain you feel. This type of massage is performed by placing heated river rocks on your back in specific spots. The therapist will then massage your body and you will enjoy a completely relaxing time.

All of the above massages are great for relaxing and will provide you with ultimate relaxation. If you are in need of a massage due to chronic pain, sports injuries, or other painful problems, speak with your massage therapist as there are massages that can help benefit you.