How to Choose Between Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

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Choosing which type of massage to get may be a difficult decision for you. You may enter the spa in hopes for a deep tissue massage, but a Swedish relaxation massage may be more ideal for you. There are similarities and differences between each of the massages. This article will help you determine which massage is right for you.

Swedish Massage

massageA Swedish relaxation massage will incorporate five different types of techniques in the massage to help relax you and relieve your aching muscles and joints. Swedish massage uses smooth and long strokes, vibration, kneading, tapping, and friction to work the muscles.

There are a couple reasons why you should get a Swedish massage. One of the biggest reasons is because you have poor circulation throughout your body and you want to improve it. Massage will boost your blood flow and will help you feel better and increase mobility in your limbs due to increased circulation.

If you have sensitive skin, a Swedish massage is perfect. The massaging strokes are soft and gentle and will help soothe your muscles as opposed to working out any knots.

Another reason to get a Swedish massage performed is because it is relaxing and will aid in relieving stress and anxiety.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is a deeper form of massage and is used to target problem areas. The massage will relieve any type of tension you feel in your neck, back, and connective tissues. This massage specifically targets the muscles that are located underneath the top set of muscles. This will help relieve any knots and kinks in your body.

The same techniques from the Swedish massage are used in a deep tissue massage; however the pressure in a deep tissue massage is more focused, centralized, and intense.

There are a few reasons why someone will seek a deep tissue massage. One of the reasons is because they sit in the same position on a daily basis. This leads to kinks in the muscles and a deep tissue massage will relieve those kinks.

Anyone who is involved in a continuous amount of physical therapy should seek a deep tissue massage. The massage will work the muscles and help keep them stretched and relaxed.

Chronic pain is relieved through a deep tissue massage and the massage will help relieve some of the pain you feel on a regular basis.

Lastly, a deep tissue massage will help heal and avoid injuries caused from strain, sports, and other physical activities.

The massage that is right for you will depend on what symptoms you are experiencing and what you need to get out of your massage. The key difference between the two massages is that one applies a lot more pressure than the other.