The Benefits of Couples Massage

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couples massageCouples massages are enjoyed by couples all over the place and this is a growing trend in the massage world. Basically, a couples massage is when two people receive a massage together in the same room. The massage is performed by two separate massage therapists.

If you are unfamiliar with a couples massage, both people are taken into a couples suite. Typically, this is a very large room that has two massage tables in it and sometimes you may find additional amenities inside the rooms as well.

Two therapists will massage both you and your partner while the two of you relax. You can chat with your partner while the massage is being performed or simply stay quiet and relax the whole time. This is a relaxing way to enjoy each other’s company and stimulate the body at the same time.

Benefits of a Couples Massage

There are many benefits to receiving a couples massage with your spouse or partner.


The most obvious benefit is that the massage will help the two of you relax and relieve tension from your muscles. Just like any massage, a couples massage is extremely relaxing and will clear your mind from your stressors.


There is an increased sense of comfort when you receive a couples massage. Often times, when you go alone to the spa facility, you will be uneasy, uncomfortable, or embarrassed about yourself. This happens to everyone and will be normal for the first couple massages.

A couples massage instantly eliminates that uncomfortable feeling because you are there with someone you know and trust. Your partner helps boost your self-confidence and you help boost theirs. You both will be able to better enjoy the massage when you are comfortable.


A couples massage allows couples to bond together. Many couples use this time as a chance to catch up on the things they missed throughout the week. It is a time of relaxation and chatting together. You both will enjoy each other’s presence whether you talk or stay quiet.

Personalized Therapy

Another one of the benefits of a couples massage is that each of you can receive the type of massage you need. If you need the therapist to focus on your upper back and your partner needs their neck focused on, it is not a problem. You both can receive specialized treatment for your needs.

Less Stress

A couples massage will help de-stress you and your partner. This will help the two of you bond more and have a healthy relationship.

Couples massages are great for many different reasons. Every couple should be able to experience them together and enjoy each other’s company while relaxing.