Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Spa Pedicures

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callused feetA warm and refreshing spa pedicure is just what the doctor ordered. Spa pedicures are great for relaxation and keeping your toes beautiful. A spa pedicure is perfect for helping smooth out your rough, dry, cracked feet. The pedicure will leave your feet feeling soft and supple so that you can face the day in your sandals with confidence. Going to the spa is fun and also pampering. There are some things you should know before going to help you have best pedicure.

Tip 1: Nail Polish

Before you go to the spa, consider removing any nail polish you have on your toes a day in advance. This will allow your nails time to breathe and prevent them from turning yellow due to not enough oxygen.

If you cannot remove the nail polish or just do not have time, do not worry, your nail technician can do it for you.

Tip 2: Disease Prevention

Did you know that pedicures can help ward off fungus, bacteria, and disease? On top of that, they help keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

Tip 3: Shaving

One of the best tips is not to shave your legs right before you go to have a pedicure performed. You can shave the day before if it is well enough in advance. Shaving can cause cuts and open wounds which may become irritated due to the lotions and creams.

Tip 4: Toenail Problems

If you are suffering from toenail problems such as a fungus, bacteria, redness, or irritation, you should skip your appointment and re-schedule. An infection can spread from one person to another very quickly and you need to make sure you prevent it as much as possible. Also, if your nails are sore or the nail bed is irritated, a pedicure can cause more irritation.

Tip 5: Proof of Sanitation

Never be afraid to ask about the sanitation processes or ask your nail technician to clean something. They will not have a problem with it and they are required by law to sanitize everything. If you have concerns about sanitation, just ask.

These tips about a spa pedicure should help you know what to do and expect when you go to have your pedicure performed. Pedicures are great for helping relax the muscles in the feet. Once you go in for pedicure, you will come out feeling renewed and refreshed with beautiful polished toes.