Why We Love Paraffin Treatment (And You Should, Too!)

31 Mar Posted by in Blog, Manicure, Skincare | Comments Off on Why We Love Paraffin Treatment (And You Should, Too!)

Paraffin Wax TreatmentsIf your hands are dried out and flaky due to the cold weather, consider a paraffin manicure. A paraffin treatment is a great option for your hands as it offers many benefits. Everyone desires to have hands that are soft, smooth, and radiant. You can now feel comfortable with your hands and never wonder if someone can see the dryness that they hold.


One of the many benefits of a paraffin treatment is the heat that it provides to your hands. This heat therapy is great for relaxing your muscles and reducing stiff joints. Many people who suffer from arthritis get this treatment because it helps their hands feel better overall. Once the muscles, joints, and tendons are relaxed, you will notice an increase in the flexibility and range of motion your hands and wrists have.


A paraffin manicure will help relax you. If essential oils are used during the treatment, you will fall into a trans of relaxation and melt away. After the treatment is over, you will feel better and energized to handle the rest of your day.

Soft Skin

A paraffin treatment will help soften your skin and get rid of any dry patches, cracks, and flakes that you have. Once the treatment is over, your hands will be left as silky smooth as possible. The wax treatment helps to moisturize your skin and bring life back to your hands.

Relieves Pain

A paraffin wax treatment will help relieve any pain that you are feeling. Often times, stiff joints lead to swollen and tender areas. The heat and relaxation from the wax will allow your aches and pain to go away. The treatment also relieves pain due to an increase in your blood circulation.

A paraffin wax treatment is perfect for anyone who wants soft and supple skin and also for people who suffer from problems with their hands. This treatment not only helps your hands appear beautiful, it has added benefits to help soothe and relax your muscles.