The Anatomy of a Great Facial

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Space Coast FacialIf you are looking for a great way to relax and also treat your skin, a facial is the perfect choice. Facials help to clean, exfoliate, and moisturize the skin on your face. This will result in a complexion that is clear and also smooth. Many people benefit from facials because it helps to keep their skin hydrated and younger looking.

Making sure that you have proper skin care is important because it will help keep you looking beautiful. Facials are one of the most popular types of spa treatments that are performed. If you are wondering what steps are involved in a facial, this article will delve into it a bit further.


Before you even receive a facial, you will have a consultation with your skin care specialist. You will need to fill out forms about your skin, your diet, and any other important factors that relate to your skin. These questions are important because they can affect the results of your facial.


At this part of the facial, your skin therapist will begin cleansing your face. The specialist will use sponges, cotton swabs, or even wipes to cleanse.

Analyzing Your Skin

Once your skin has been cleansed, your skin care specialist will then perform a thorough skin analysis. A lighted magnifying glass will be used to help identify your skin type. This light will allow the technician to see any white heads, sun damage, and more. Once the skin analysis is completed, your skin care specialist will determine the best routine, treatment, and products for you.


After the skin analysis, an exfoliation procedure is performed. This is a deep cleanse of your face and will help remove any dirt stuck in your pores and dead skin. This process allows the products to penetrate your skin better.

Hot Towel or Steam

A hot towel or steam process will be performed if your skin will allow. This is a relaxing experience and will help open up your pores even more which will aid in the removal of black heads.

Extraction Process

This is a step that is performed if needed. This will allow the skin care specialist to remove any black or white heads that are present on your face. This is the safest way to remove them without any damaging effects such as scars.

Facial Massage

This is probably the best part of the whole facial and the part that most people enjoy. You will be given a massage that helps stimulate your facial muscles. It will also help to tighten your skin and also remove any types of toxins that are present. Depending on any skin conditions you may have, the specialist can use a variety of massaging techniques.

Mask Application

Now is when the mask is placed on your face. The mask is only applied once the specialist has decided on the perfect mask for your skin. It is possible for your specialist to use multiple masks on your face depending on your skin type.

Toning, Moisturizing, and Sunscreen

Once the mask part of the facial is complete, your skin will be toned to help re-balance out the pH levels. Your skin care specialist will also apply any necessary creams and sunscreens as they see fit.

A facial is a great way to help take care of the skin on your face. It is important to make sure that a professional is the one treating your skin as they are experienced in caring for your skin and will be able to analyze it and provide you with the best solution. Skin care treatments are most effective when they are part of a regular routine and getting a facial performed on a regular basis will help keep you looking young and your skin healthy.