Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare Your Body for Spring Fashion

07 Mar Posted by in Blog, Manicure, Nail Care, Pedicure, Skincare, Spa Treatments | Comments Off on Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare Your Body for Spring Fashion

Spring BodySpring cleaning is not just for your home and performing a full spring clean on your body is the perfect way to get ready for this spring season. Think about all of the cute sundresses and bikinis you will be able to wear in a couple months. Now think about your body, is it ready yet? There are a couple different things you can do to make yourself ready for your big show off this season.

Leg Waxing

One of the first things you should do is get an upper and lower leg wax. This wax will take care of your thigh down to the end of your leg and will provide you with silky smooth legs that you can show off whenever you want. You will be able to feel confident knowing that you do not have any stubble, missed hairs, cuts, or razor burns.

Bikini Wax

In addition to a leg wax, a bikini wax is perfect if you plan on wearing a bikini to the pool or beach. The wax does not take long to perform and will leave your skin smooth and free from any hairs. This type of wax is ideal for anyone who plans on wearing a bathing suit that shows off their bikini area.

Mani / Pedi

A spa pedicure and spa manicure are ideal for anyone who wants to treat their hands and feet to a relaxing treatment. Throughout the manicure and pedicure, you will receive a series of different treatments including a scrub, massage, and even cuticle and callus removal. Once your manicure and pedicure are over, you can choose to have your nails painted any color that you like. The paint on your nails will be that extra touch to boost your appearance this spring.

Back Facial

Lastly, a back facial is perfect before you get ready to go out on the town this spring. Back facials are relaxing and will help to treat any acne that may be present on your back. They will also moisturize and exfoliate your skin allowing it to look its best.

Preparing your body for the spring and summer season is perfect because it allows you to get your body ready for that big day and you won’t be scrambling last minute to get everything done. Feel confident in anything you wear this spring and enjoy the weather.