Sports Massage: Get in the Game

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sports massageA sports massage is an ideal way to prepare your body before playing sports. This type of massage therapy is used very often to help keep athletes bodies in good condition and free from sore and stiff muscles. The massage will help to heal any injuries and also prevent future injuries from occurring.

A sports massage is not limited to only those who are athletic and is a great option for people who suffer from chronic pain, injuries, and restricted mobility. When you have a sports massage performed, the massage therapist will focus mainly on your problem area.

There are a few different types of sports massages that can be performed and each one has its own benefits.

Pre-Event Massage

This type of massage occurs before the actual sport is played or activity is performed. It often occurs right before the activity somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes. This massage will focus on the parts of the body that will be used during the activity.

Post-Event Massage

This type of sports massage will occur after the activity is performed and is done within an hour or two of the activity ending. This type of massage will help to relieve the muscles and help stabilize them after being used.

Restorative Massage

This type of a sports massage will help target muscles that are used on a regular basis and will help keep the muscles from getting injured again.

Rehabilitative Massage

This massage will help to relieve any type of pain associated with an injury. It will also help to return the body back to normal after an injury has been sustained.

Why Should I Get A Sports Massage?

You should get a sports massage if you are suffering from any type of injury or pain. This massage will help to work out the injured area and make it feel better. You will receive relief from the massage and it will also help to prevent any other injuries from occurring.

Since the massage is performed either right before or right after an activity, you have less of a chance of injury in the areas used.