Beautiful Fingernails: The Dos and Don’ts

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Nail CareHave you looked at your fingernails lately? Many people do not take the time to look at their fingernails and just assume that they are doing okay. It is important to keep an eye on your nails to ensure that they are healthy and also strong. Weak, brittle, and yellowed nails are not healthy and they also look bad. Below are some dos and don’ts so that you can have healthy fingernails.


1.    Keep your nails trimmed.

Keeping your nails trimmed will help keep the nail from breaking and also splitting. A nail that is not trimmed on a regular basis will continue to grow and can get in the way. When you do cut your nails, you promote healthy growth as well.

2.    File your nails.

Filing your nails will help keep them looking nice and also even. When you file them, you help keep them smooth and even so that they do not snag on other surfaces and rip off.

3.    Keep your nails clean and dry.

You should make sure to keep your fingernails clean. You can use tools to remove any dirt that gets trapped under your fingernail. You should do this once a day to help keep them clean. They will also appear nicer when there is no dirt under the nail.

Wet nails can help produce bacteria which will result in yellowed and weakened nails. Always dry the nails off properly and thoroughly after washing your hands.

4.    Moisturize.

Rubbing lotion into your cuticles will help keep them healthy and also look nice. The moisturizer is responsible for helping smooth the area around your cuticles and you will no longer have to worry about that piece of skin or nail that gets stuck.


1.    Pull off a hangnail.

Pulling off a hangnail can cause it to get worse and will cause you pain. You may rip some tissue and this can result in bleeding and also redness.

2.    Avoid using your nails for other things.

It is important to avoid using your fingernails to perform operations that tools are designed for. You should avoid picking and poking at things with your fingernails as this can cause them to break.

3.    Ignoring your nails.

Never ignore your fingernails. If your nails hurt, are discolored, or are causing you any other problems. You should speak with a healthcare professional right away.

4.    Avoid biting your nails.

It may be difficult for you to do, but you need to avoid biting your fingernails. Biting them will cause them to be rough and also cause damage to the surrounding nail bed and cuticle.

These dos and don’ts will help you keep your finger nails looking healthy and nice. Remember, if you are going to paint your fingernails, you should allow them to breathe in between each painting to avoid discoloration of the nail.