Want Smooth Feet that Are Free From Calluses? Check Out These Three Simple Steps

14 Feb Posted by in Blog, Pedicure, Skincare | Comments Off on Want Smooth Feet that Are Free From Calluses? Check Out These Three Simple Steps

callused feetAre you ready to get rid of those calluses on your feet and start feeling confident again? Many people suffer from rough, dry, callused feet and it can cause you to avoid wearing sandals and also high heels that show your feet. If you are ashamed of your feet and do not want to show them off, you can stop feeling that way and start implementing these steps to help improve the look and feel of your feet.

One way you can begin getting soft feet again is to file your feet. Filing works wonders because it helps to smooth out your skin and get rid of dry heels. To file your feet, you will want to use a quality file or pumice stone and then place a bit of soap on it. Run it under warm water and use soft circular motions on your heel.

Filing is a great way to sand down your feet in a sense. If your feet are very callused, you will want to soak them. Soaking your feet will help soften the calluses and will also help moisturize and refresh your feet to keep them smooth. You can soak your feet prior to filing as well to help remove calluses with ease.

When you do soak your feet, only soak them for 10-15 minutes. You do not want to over soak them as they may become waterlogged and look like a prune.

Exfoliating your feet is another way to keep them soft and smooth. This process will help you remove any unwanted and dead skin cells and hardened areas. When exfoliating, you can use a foot scrub or even some Epsom salt. Both work wonders and both will help smooth out your feet.

If you are ready to show your feet off again, now is the time. With a simple file or pumice stone and some foot scrub, you can have silky smooth feet that you are not afraid to hide in your closed toe shoes.