Coping with the pain of Fibromyalia

22 Jan Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Coping with the pain of Fibromyalia

fibromyalgiaThe pain of fibromyalgia can often be debilitating. Fibromyalgia can cause increasing sensitivity to various types of central nervous pain. Sufferers are often women who have to cope with wide spread pain plus fatigue in their muscles and tendons with additional dysfunction in myofascial and joint tissues.

In an effort to ease the pain of this serious condition, many fibromyalgia patients have incorporated massage therapy into their treatment regime. Massage therapy works to ease pain, eliminate stiffness, increase the ability to sleep and help you relax. Massage can be a beneficial treatment for fibromyalgia due to its ability to increase blood circulation to muscles which allows muscles to repair faster. Massage therapy can also help fibromyalgia sufferers increase their flexibility and range of motion while also increasing their happiness levels and reducing levels of depression due to the illness.

Having a 30 minute massage session has also been shown to improve the sleep patterns of fibromyalgia patients coping with the disease. After a massage, sufferers reported they could sleep for longer periods and sleep disorders have been medically shown to be greatly reduced. It’s important to receive massage therapy from a trained professional who understands and can use various massage therapy techniques to treat fibromyalgia pain because improper pressure on nerves from untrained hands could cause more harm than good.

While fibromyalgia can be a frustrating disease, there are reasons to be optimistic that with continuous massage therapy the pain of the condition can continue to be greatly reduced.