Unwind After The Holidays With a Massage

17 Jan Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Unwind After The Holidays With a Massage

Most people like experiencing fun, family, friends, laughter and talking around the holiday season. However, this isn’t always what happens. People have plenty of worries around the holiday season, and those worries cause them to feel stressed. Once the holidays are over, it’s time to relax and unwind, and a massage can do all of that for you!

A massage is far more than just a pampering experience; it is an emotional stress reliever and great for body healing. Doctors understand the many benefits of massage and often recommend them to patients with anxiety, stress and pain.

massage therapyDuring a massage, several muscles are manipulated to relieve tension. Daily stress and worry can cause tension in the back and neck area making one feel stiff and sore. The tight muscles cause even more stress. In many instances, a person doesn’t realize they have muscle tension until it is relieved during the massage. In many instances, a tight neck and shoulders are caused by stress. If you have a desk job and sit all day or play sports, it can cause tightness in the neck and back, which causes stress.

People who experience anxiety usually have an increase in blood pressure and heart rate while stressed. Having a massage lowers the person’s blood pressure and heart rate. The lower blood pressure and heart rate make a person feel calm and sense that the stress is slowly melting away.

A massage is useful for aiding in stress relief and relieving pain. Reducing stress and pain can last for weeks or months after receiving a massage depending on the person and the circumstances. Using a licensed massage therapist ensures the best results, and he or she is well-trained in massage methods for different conditions.

Now that the holidays are over, go ahead and pamper yourself with a relaxing massage to start the New Year off just right!