Sports Massage For Everyone

14 Jan Posted by in Blog, Massage | Comments Off on Sports Massage For Everyone

sports massageRepetitive action and overuse during athletic activity cause scar tissue and other minor damage that massage can help alleviate. These types of injuries can also be incurred in everyday life. Imagine how many times you have overexerted yourself to lift something or how many times a day you have to repeat the same movements.

If you sit at a desk typing all day with your shoulders hunched and your neck bent at a specific angle, you are doing similar damage to the muscles in your upper body as a football quarterback is doing to his shoulder every time he throws a ball. A sports massage with its vigorous technique can help heat your muscles and relieve the chronic pain caused by your everyday activities. A typical massage will involve isolated pressure and friction designed to warm the muscles before or after they have been taxed in any way with the aim of helping to quicken the healing process and help prevent injury.

A sports massage will pull your body back into proper alignment and the pressure will help smooth out scar tissue, strengthening and building up your muscles. Cross-fiber friction will help stretch the muscles and tendons alleviating tension and preventing future damage by preparing your body for exertions.

The key in a sports massage is methodical and controlled motion. Too often people overlook their activities as being simple and not stressful to the body, but we underestimate ourselves and often overexert without taking care to acknowledge how hard we’ve actually worked. A parent who picks up their toddler a hundred times a day is no less an athlete than a basketball player as far as the body’s muscles are concerned.

Regular massages can help reverse or prevent damage you may not even realize you are inflicting on your body.