You Both Knead It

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couples massageCouples who buy each other a couples massage for their anniversary find that it is one of the best ideas they have together. The experience brings them closer together; it is well worth doing for any couple that prizes increased closeness.

The benefits of massage themselves are amply attested by such organizations as the American Massage Therapy Association, and anything that works to the health of those in relationships is good for them; healthy partners tend to be happier, and they live longer so that the happiness can continue. A couples massage goes further than the health benefits, however. Being in the same room while disrobing always promotes intimacy, but doing so for something other than sex offers a different experience, one that promotes looking at the other person as the other person rather than primarily a sexual partner. Too, experiencing as one the sensations of being oiled up and rubbed down, muscles unknotting and the stress of daily life being worked out of the body, links each person even more strongly with pleasant, excellent feelings that a relationship should foster in the other. The association makes for a stronger connection between romantic partners, one furthered by the shared experience of vulnerability (for being in the nude and under another person’s hands is humbling) and of seeing the other person simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure. Doing both is vital to the continued success of any relationship, and since buying a couples massage helps to do both, it makes for an excellent way to pamper both parties in the relationship.

In brief, a couples massage brings couples closer together in addition to helping both people feel better and be healthier. It is well worth doing.