Spice Up Your Manicure With Nail Art

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nail artAny time you plan a new manicure, getting creative with nail art can drastically transform the outcome of the overall look you are able to create. Whether you enjoy designing your own nail art creations from scratch or if you prefer to use appliques and pre-made art, there are unlimited options available with enough creativity of your own.

Creating Your Own Nail Art

It is possible to create your own nail art using specific brushes that are thinner and designed for hand-painting on nails using traditional nail polish. These brushes can be purchased individually or within a bottle of polish that is specifically-designed for thinner strokes and designs. Using a thinner brush allows you to create intricate patterns and shapes such as entire outdoor scenes, animals or even checkerboards. It is possible to seek out inspiration for nail art by browsing online communities and watching video guides on various techniques, such as marbling and using tape during your manicures.

Purchasing Nail Art

It is also possible to purchase nail art to apply directly to real or fake nails. Nail art comes as glitter, stick-on objects and even items that must be glued to the nail’s surface to stay intact. Whether you are seeking a glam look or if you want to add funky stripes to a few of your nails, you can find a variety of pre-made nail art designs for sale. Purchasing nail art is possible locally at salons, larger superstores and other beauty product shops. It is also possible to find the nail art you are seeking right from home, where you can also find one-of-a-kind nail art options.

Spicing up your next manicure with a variety of nail art is a great way to show off your skills, celebrate an upcoming holiday or simply get creative with your beauty regimen.