Can Massage Lower Blood Pressure?

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bloodpressureControlling your blood pressure is vital for your long-term health. While weight loss and a healthy diet with less than 1500 mg of sodium per day can help you lower your blood pressure, there are also enjoyable ways to keep your readings low. One of the enjoyable ways to reduce your blood pressure is to invest in professional massage therapy. Experts have done years of research on the benefits of massage therapy and found that individuals who receive massage from a licensed therapist can receive both immediate and cumulative blood pressure benefits. Read on and find out how something as relaxing as a massage can help you with your long-term health.

The Immediate Benefits of Massage

As soon as your massage is over you experience reduced stress and tightness of the muscles. This leads to improved blood flow and improved breathing, which will ultimately reduce your anxiety and stress levels. With less stress comes declining blood pressure, and while this is only a temporary fix in some aspects, you must also consider the long-term and cumulative benefits of massage therapy to assess the real advantages.

The Cumulative Benefits of Massage

All of the benefits of massage have shown to accumulate over time. You will enjoy an improved immune system, a better sense of well-being, lower diastolic and systolic blood pressure, and reduced stress hormone levels. With a consistent program, you can naturally overcome high blood pressure without relying on prescriptions or a very strict diet plan.

Lower blood pressure can contribute to lowering your odds of having a stroke or a heart attack at some point in your life. Combine the fact that you will live with less anxiety and hostility, and you can see why so many people are investing is massage to improve their well-being and to live a quality life.