Eliminate Chronic Pain With Massage

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People who live with chronic pain know how the problems the condition causes in their lives. Thousands of hours of work are missed or unproductive from workers who experience pain in their backs, but there is a drug-free and surgery-free alternative that can help to eliminate chronic pain for many. This solution is massage.

Scientifically Proven

There are many types of massage. A recent study from the Group Health Research Institute, based in Seattle, examined how structural and relaxation massages compared to medications and exercise for people with chronic pain. The result showed that both types of massage were equally more effective at reducing pain than those who only took medicine and exercised. This scientific proof shows that you can successfully avoid taking pain medications to reduce your chronic pain if you make regular appointments for massages.

Getting Patients in Touch

Patients who receive massages may be more in touch with how their bodies feel, and being pampered through the experience of a massage may help to soothe their minds, which can reduce pain in their bodies. Massage is not just for pain relief. It treats both the body and mind to help those who get massages to feel better about themselves and to reduce their pain.

If you are dealing with chronic pain, you will likely benefit from a massage. There are many therapists available, and some even tailor their massages specifically to ease your aches and pains, whether they were caused by sports injuries or simply from chronic conditions. Massage may be your medication-free answer to a pain-free life.